Copycat promos: Is Murder Calls Australia freaking out over Murder Uncovered?

How worried is Nine about Seven’s Murder Uncovered launching to nearly a million viewers on Wednesday night?

If promos are anything to go by, very….

Nine’s new Murder Calls Australia, hosted by Leila McKinnon, had been running on air promos with red colour branding.

But with Seven’s show, hosted by Michael Usher, pulling a big audience -in the same timeslot Nine’s is headed- yesterday there was some scrambling done.

Suddenly it has adopted yellow branding, the same as Seven’s.

TV Tonight hears whispers there has been some last-minute editing of Murder Calls Australia by Screentime following the success of Murder Uncovered.

Very nearly a case for investigation in itself….


  1. If Channel 9 only want to copy other channels programs – including copying promos – without making a point of difference with their version in a particular genre, then ‘Murder Calls’ is destined to be a dead line.

  2. I guess they felt like they had to change the Channel 9 logo from red to yellow also which just looks horrible. By the way great pickup David. Love the fact you noticed this.

  3. I’ve watched Murder calls when it was aired last time (think it was UK based murders only) and it was just okay. It felt like they were concentrating on making the entire thing around the phone call just because it was the name of the show instead of looking at the case as more of a whole without referring to the show’s namesake.

  4. I love/hate the fact that Nein think so little of their target audience (and their own output) that they think that viewers will think that the two programs are interchangeable and/or indistinguishable from one another.

  5. Here’s an idea Channel Nine, you’re free to steal it from me. How about putting 60 Minutes back on at 7.30pm were it worked so well for 40 years, and use that as a lead into Murder Calls at 8.30pm? Nahh, that makes too much sense and doesn’t allow you to contradict your promise not to counter program with the same format.

  6. Changing from red to yellow… what the ….? I am genuinely at a loss. Makes little sense to run two similar shows in the same slot but as Secret Squirrel notes, that’s never stopped ’em in the past…

  7. I’m so glad that Seven and Nine are sticking by their promise not to run counter programming. They’re like two schoolboys copying their homework off each other.

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