Murder Uncovered launches strong for Seven

Is true crime the next genre to go big in 2017?

Last night Seven’s Murder Uncovered presented by Michael Usher debuted to an impressive 957,000 viewers in a 9pm timeslot.

Produced by Mark Llewellyn, the episode heard Kate Moir talk about how she escaped from Australia’s worst serial killer couple, David and Catherine Birnie.

A second hour drew 799,000 viewers -both well ahead of TEN’s heavily-promoted This is Us on 576,000. Nine’s rerun of Ghost flopped on just 262,000 viewers. That may come to haunt it next week when Murder Calls Australia from Screentime, goes up against Murder Uncovered in the same slot.

True crime yarns have been hot of late with stories on Jon Benet Ramsay, O.J. Simpson and Steven Avery. On 60 Minutes this weekend Nine will be hoping its interview with British backpacker Joanne Lees pays off. Seven is also screening UK crime doco The Investigator, which is already available on Netflix, next Thursday (updated).

Foxtel also has Crimes That Shocked Australia returning later this year with new presenter Matt Doran.


  1. Very interesting show showing the dark side of humanity but the producers should try watching it themselves and they might notice the background music and sound is so loud it drowns out a lot of the commentary.

  2. i did enjoy this show i would rather watch true crime then watch anything reality related but i fell asleep towards the end of it and woke up and the next show was on!!!!

  3. I have been waiting for a show like this for ages. I’m so glad Ch 7 have taken a chance on it. I will agree with others it was a bit long but I thought it was really well done. I really like the show 48 hours and I think this is just as good.

  4. The program was outstanding, right up there with anything I have seen on the CI channel. Kudos to Seven and the production staff, it was so well put together and compelling. If tne rest of thw series is this high quality, they are onto a winner. Logie bait.

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