Two ‘high-end’ dramas funded by Screen Australia

The Kettering Incident creator Vicki Madden has a new Tasmanian drama, The Gloaming, in development.

The series sees Victorian detective and Tasmanian police officer pursuing a pursue a killer responsible for ritualistic crimes. A network has not been announced.

FremantleMedia (Wentworth, Hoges, Picnic at Hanging Rock) also has an untitled new drama by writer Bea Christian.

The two dramas are part of a wider funding announcement including 24 features and 5 online series and talent development placements, sharing a total of over $1 million in funding.

“This round of development funding reflects the vibrancy of the story landscape in Australia with thrillers and romance, crime and comedies, sports dramas and musicals,” said Nerida Moore, Senior Development Manager at Screen Australia. “We have projects from both seasoned storytellers and an exciting group of up-and-coming talents. And we are also seeing a greater mix of platforms from traditional features and high-end television to the ever-growing online drama and narrative VR spaces.”

High End TV

Untitled Project
FremantleMedia Australia Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Executive Producers Jo Porter, Anthony Ellis
Writer Bea Christian

The Gloaming
Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd & M4 Entertainment Pty Ltd
Genre Crime
Producer Vicki Madden, John Molloy
Writer Vicki Madden
Synopsis: A reunited Victorian detective and Tasmanian police officer must overcome the shared grief of their personal history to pursue a killer whose ritualistic crimes re-open the wounds of the past. Created and written by Vicki Madden, co-creator and showrunner of The Kettering Incident.

Online and Interactive

Awake: First Contact
Start VR Pty Ltd
Genre Science Fiction
Producer James Marshall
Executive Producer Nathan Anderson
Director Martin Taylor
Writer Mike Jones
Interaction Designer Christian Cantamessa
Synopsis: Pilot episode of the ‘Awake’ 8-part series following ‘the chosen’, a group of seemingly ordinary people being visited in their dreams by an alien presence from another reality. Harold Whitbread, a cranky elderly widower with a talent for keeping secrets, is about to get a wakeup call.

Black Chamber
Goliath Productions Australia Pty Ltd
Genre Thriller, Horror, Drama, Science Fiction
Producers Raquelle David, Enzo Tedeschi
Executive Producer Mike Jones
Director Kriv Stenders
Writers Shayne Armstrong, Shane Krause
Synopsis: Six chilling tales by Edgar Allan Poe reimagined in Virtual Reality

Homecoming Queens
Generator Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy, Drama
Producer Katia Nizic
Director Corrie Chen
Writer Michelle Law, Chloe Reeson
Synopsis: Two best friends in their mid-20s help each other navigate the expectations of youth: living as young women both suffering from chronic illnesses, who feel anything but youthful.

Modern Love
Cabbage Films Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy
Producer Nicole Minchin
Writers Melinda Cklamovska, Stevo Petkovic
Synopsis: Stevo & Mel’s bold new comedy series asks the question “what does love look like in the 21st Century?”

The Fair Way
One Stone Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy, Crime
Producer Georgie Lewin
Director Nathan Earl
Writer Nathan Earl, Georgie Lewin, Veronica Milsom, Nick McDougall
Synopsis: All’s fair in golf and war.


  1. Maybe a season 2 for the Kettering Incident may have tied up a few loose ends as the show ended up looking like a Day of the Triffids re-imagining. I’m pretty sure that if the Kettering Incident was Canadian the producers would have anticipated at least 3 seasons at least.

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