$5m spending spree on Logies

Around $5m will be spent by TV networks on the Logie Awards, according to a report today.

This year’s event is to be held on Sunday April 23rd.

The pricetag for flights, accommodation and parties will add up to around $2 million across Nine, Seven, TEN, ABC, Foxtel, SBS and TV Week.

Nine wears the $1.5 million cost of broadcasting the event, while TV Week pays the costs for voting, ticketing, the red carpet and media wall.

Nine and TV Week have booked rooms at Crown Towers. Seven will put its stars up at The Langham, while TEN uses Crown Promenade.

But the News Corp article suggests Seven will face added logistical issues in getting its stars to Melbourne this year with two shows, 800 Words and Wanted, filming in New Zealand. NB: That’s not true for the latter, with Wanted in post-production after filming wrapped in Thailand in January.

Ernst & Young are accountants in charge of the winners info -not PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who bungled the Oscars.

Unless I’m mistaken this is also the final year in a multi-year contract¬†securing the event in Melbourne, with Sydney & Gold Coast previously keen to swoop on the event.

TV Week is yet to announce the day for nominations, but it is tipped for Sunday March 26.


  1. They really are more about the networks themselves and it is now a mere annual executive chest thumping nannahnah I’m better than you so stick your head is doodoo toilet trough contest. There is absolutely no prestige to it at all, just because a program wins a logie it doesn’t necessarily mean it is any good.

  2. David, TV Week announced on their Facebook Nominees are Monday March 27th facebook.com/tvweekmag/photos/a.383835144683.162933.23766624683/10155211444019684/?type=3&theater

  3. “The Logies carry a hefty pricetag, but generate plenty of value in publicity.”

    Yeah, they say that about the Olympics too. At least with the Logies, the businesses getting the publicity are the ones paying the tab, rather than the general public…

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