Airdate: Testing Teachers

Next month SBS premieres Testing Teachers, a three-part observational documentary, that follows six first-time teachers over the course of 12 months as they start their career.

This has been produced by Screentime and filmed in three public high schools in Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Recent studies have shown that the postcode some children are born in can determine the level of education they’ll achieve. On average, a child growing up in a disadvantaged area is almost three years behind their peers from wealthier suburbs*.

Teach For Australia is an ambitious program that places some of Australia’s brightest minds in schools serving low socioeconomic communities, where many students, according to Australian school standard averages, are falling behind. After a block of intensive training, these high-achievers, who have had successful careers in other industries, are placed into classrooms where they are needed most, while they continue to study for their Masters of Teaching on the job.

With extraordinary access to this unique program and classrooms across metropolitan and remote Australia, Testing Teachers charts the highs and lows of these new teachers over 12 months. It also tackles some of the current issues new and ongoing teachers face, with stats claiming one in four new teachers suffer emotional exhaustion.

Testing Teachers is a very real and personal journey of a group of passionate individuals as they confront Australia’s education gap head on, in what could be the most challenging year of their lives.

Wednesday, 19 April at 8.30pm on SBS.

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