Airdate: The Young Pope

SBS has announced an airdate for Italian drama The Young Pope, starring Jude Law.

Produced for for Sky Atlantic, HBO, and Canal+ the 10 part series is getting a late slot on SBS in April. It debuted internationally in October, and has been renewed for a second season.

Created and directed by Academy Award-winner Paolo Sorrentino, The Young Pope is an international collaboration featuring an all-star cast, including Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando and James Cromwell.

The Young Pope follows the story of Lenny Belardo (Law), the newly elected Pius XIII, the youngest Pope in history, as well as the first American pontiff. Both charming and shrewd, old-fashioned and very modern, doubtful and resolute, Pius XIII is a mysterious and contradictory figure. His radical ideas could change the Roman Catholic Church, but

underlying many of his choices is a painful event in his past – something that torments his entire relationship with the faith.

Episode One:
Lenny Belardo is the youngest Pope in history but also the first American pontiff. His radical ideas could change the Roman Catholic church, but underlying many of his choices is an ancient sorrow and a tormented relationship with his faith.

Wednesday, 19 April at 10.25pm on SBS


  1. Glad they’re finally getting around to putting on this wonderful show, but why so late? Are they afraid of early-to-bed Catholics or something?

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