Amber Sherlock: “Everyone massively overreacted”

Nine News presenter Amber Sherlock has spoken about that #whitejacketgate incident with colleague Julie Snook.

Speaking to News Corp, she revealed that the January drama impacted her family, but she was supported by her partner, Chris.

“At first I thought, how silly. But when it really escalated, and I was trolled on social media, it really started to get nasty. I was absolutely mortified, and, of course, hurt. I think I’m a kind, generous person. I am a mum, I have a family. And I was devastated. I am only human at the end of the day, and I think people forget that,” she said.

“It was a live-TV environment. Things aren’t always perfect. You don’t have time to have a cup of tea and talk something through, you just don’t have that luxury. What’s done is done.

“Julie was fine with it, I was fine with it. Everyone has their opinions, but if you look at the tape, I feel everyone massively overreacted. It was two female colleagues talking in an abrupt way because we were on deadlines.

“There was no hidden agenda, there was no backstory, it was what it was.”

The article doesn’t raise any questions as to why a director or producer failed to take charge of the wardrobe disagreement, nor whether the show being produced in a smaller automated studio left talent to their own devices.

Meanwhile a Nine spokeswoman says the person who leaked the footage has been dealt with internally but their identity had not been revealed.


  1. I so agree with everyone too! she says she’s a kind generous person- a kind person doesn’t speak to people like that…& she also says she’s human after all- but forgets she was speaking to another human being…yeah sounds like she still doesn’t see what she’s done wrong..sorry to say but she will always be remembered as the#whitejacket lady or so called journo.

  2. I also agree with all. But another pov … if Amber was so concerned with wardrobe similarities, she presumably could easily have arranged for a change of wardrobe for herself.

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t the guest on the far right a psychologist? I could be wrong. But I recall seeing the video at the time and wondering why she was seemingly laughing while witnessing what should have seemed to a professional like workplace bullying.

  3. Worked in live TV for 22 years. I’ve never witnessed someone speak to a colleague over live mics with such disrespect. There’s no added pressure in daily live TV news unless a story breaks or equipment fails, neither of which happened here. Stop using it as an excuse.

  4. I agree with everyone here, it seems like she doesn’t think she did anything wrong and that the stress she feels with her job is a valid reason for treating people badly. She acted entitled and like a diva and she should own up and work on herself.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    I assume that Sherlock is including herself when she says that “everyone massively overreacted”.

    Her comments show that she lacks insight since she appears to think that she didn’t do anything wrong. She was rude and a bully and no amount of special pleading will change that.

  6. mark from hawthorn

    Not sure who thought raising this incident again would help smooth over the cracks. No material gain here and just re-ignites an ugly incident. Move on an accept that you made an error.

  7. ” It was two female colleagues talking in an abrupt way”. We must be watching different recordings. I see only one female colleague talking in an abrupt way to another female colleague. Abrupt, as in bullying.

  8. daveinprogress

    I read the article in the paper. Amber remains unapologetic for her rudeness and grandstanding; preferring to use the opportunity to make excuses: two young kids, hectic schedule etc. Other people over reacting… A small piece of humility and mea culpa would go a long way. Nice try at humanising her in the article, but doesn’t shift the dial for me at all on her. I was hoping for a bit of soul searching or self deprecating humour on it from her.

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