Auditions: ‘Love Rescue in Paradise’

A new TV show is casting for couples looking to work through their romantic problems in a holiday setting.

An audition notice under the working title “Love Rescue in Paradise” asks, “Are you in a relationship that’s at a crossroads? Are you unsure about taking the next big step? Or can’t forgive and forget to move on? If you are willing to go on a world adventure apply now!”

Amongst the questions you’ll need to answer:

Please describe the happiest time or day in your relationship. What was it that made that time so special?

Describe how your relationship has changed over time. When did the changes start?

What did you notice first?

What issues are you currently facing that you hope experts can help with?

Has there ever been any infidelity in the relationship?

It’s unclear if this is Nine’s upcoming series The Last Resort.

Nine began casting The Last Resort in mid-2016 and closed applications in August. But perhaps a second season is gearing up for pre-production.

Last month Nine program director Hamish Turner told TV Tonight,The Last Resort takes people who are in long-term relationships, trying to pull them back together, using experts to try and help them through that process.

But he denied it is adopts a Seven Year Switch or Temptation Island (also filmed in Fiji) approach.

“You can look at conflict without deliberately trying to split people up and put them with other people.”

Seven also recently closed applications for an unrelated travel / dating show “focused on helping singles find their true love.”

Updated: The show is advertised on Seven’s Facebook page, meaning it isn’t The Last Resort.

Applications close on April 21st.

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