Firass Dirani ready to move on from House Husbands

Actor Firass Dirani is hinting at an exit from House Husbands.

“I’ve had a lot of fun on the show and have worked with some veterans of the industry. But I’m 32 now, and there are some other things I’d like to do,” he told News Corp.

The former Underbelly star is contemplating time away from the small screen entirely.

“If they want to do six seasons, I’m happy to close that book.”

Dirani would be the second of the show’s original 4 “Husbands” to exit, following the departure of Gyton Grantley.


  1. Oh no. That’s so sad. Justin is the best actor on the show but I get why he is leaving. HH is not the same this season IMO. They never said what happened to Kain’s baby even tho Julia Morris was having it for him which could of given really good stories. Agree storylines are getting way too silly. Shame, this show used to be one of my faves. 🙁

  2. No then the kids will have to go. I like Justin and his relationship with Lewis and how he has helped him. The Kane exit storyline was terrible. so if Firass does go I wonder how it will happen.

  3. Not him too? He is one of the better ones. If he goes I don’t think it will survive. Perhaps it should be renamed? Housewives featuring Abby and Gemma. That’s all that would be left plus mark and Lewis and the kids. I do think it should stop after this season or next especially if he leaves. I still enjoy it.

  4. While I still enjoy it, it’s getting a bit silly. Some of the characters are annoying beyond belief – you can’t believe they’re so stupid.

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