First photo: Garry Lyon ready for Footy Classified return

EXCLUSIVE: All eyes will be on Nine on March 20 when Footy Classified marks the TV return of Garry Lyon.

TV Tonight has the first photo of the 2017 cast with a clean-shaven Lyon joining Craig Hutchison, Caroline Wilson and Matthew Lloyd.

While Lyon returned to media at SEN Radio in January, he is yet to appear on television since taking a year off to address health issues.

But he resumes co-hosting duties on Footy Classified at Nine, alongside Hutchison, at the station where had a well-publicised falling out with Footy Show cast mate Billy Brownless.

“I love Footy Classified and have loved doing it in the past and thankfully, I have an opportunity to resume my role with three people I respect and look forward to working alongside again,” Lyon said in November.

Nine Melbourne Managing Director, Ian Paterson, added, “Over the years Garry’s played a vital role in the success of Footy Classified and we can’t wait to see him back on station and tackling the season ahead.”

If Brownless and Lyon have mended their differences they are yet to show a united front. At least while production offices for both Footy Classified and The Footy Show are in the same building, the studios are not. The latter records at Docklands studio.

Nine’s AFL shows have undergone big hosting changes of late with Hutchison also to replace James Brayshaw on The Footy Show next week.


  1. I’m not sure if it’s made more public because of the issues he had but in the off season for a few years now Garry has grown the beard. But has always shave it off before he returned to tv.

    • It’s public because he is now in breakfast radio where his co-hosts (Channel 7’s Tim Watson and Hamish McLachlan) have had great fun reminding him how Channel 9 force him to be clean shaven for all programming. He does prefer a beard.

  2. This guy is a discrace and I wont be watching this show anymore…. Nor the AFL Footy show… Cant stand Hutchinson. There will be a cast member change before the end of the year or this will be the last season for the Footy show. The current cast is dreadful.

  3. On his breakfast radio program Garry seemed a bit grumpy that he had to be clean shaven for Footy Classified, think he had gotten used to the beard!!

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