Incident adds to cultural woes at Seven

A Weekend Sunrise producer has been “demoted” according to a media report, following an incident at its Martin Place studios.

David Eccleston, who was supervising producer of Weekend Sunrise, is now a news promo producer after an incident involving his ex-partner, producer Madeleine Kennard, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

After Sunrise boss Michael Pell told him he was no longer part of the program news boss Craig McPherson moved him to another role.

“There was an incident,” a Seven spokesman said. “It was thoroughly investigated and acted on. We take these matters very seriously.”

The drama comes after the Seven West Media board backed its CEO Tim Worner following a scandalous relationship with Amber Harrison.

Seven has said it does not have a cultural problem within its company.

“I do not think that you achieve the sort of results that this organisation has with a culture that is no good,” Worner said recently. “Can we have a better culture? Absolutely.”

Updated: David Eccleston has instructed lawyers to file a defamation suit against News Corp, following its report last weekend.


  1. Do they really think they have female viewers by choice or because their fave programmes are on 7? I bet they pay a lot for shows like The Blacklist to keep ‘ladies’ like me watching their channel. I realise that Channel 7 is no friend to women. Clearly, that is not a bar to wringing pennies out of dollars to return to shareholders.

  2. Unfortunately you can have good results with a bad culture. I am not sure that statement is true.

    • Absolutely. It’s not at all unusual for businesses to achieve amazing results by, at least in part, literally burning their workplace culture into a toxic ash…