Is Million Dollar Cold Case generating tips for police?

Seven’s new true crime series Million Dollar Cold Case began three episodes ago, hoping to generate new clues for Victoria Police.

So is it working?

Det. Snr. Sgt. Peter Trichias said in a statement to TV Tonight, “The Cold Case Unit investigators are currently focused on assessing and verifying a significant amount of information received as a direct result of the cases being shown on Channel 7.

“All of the cases aired so far have resulted in a valuable information and the cases are making progress. In particular the Margaret and Seana Tapp case and the Renita Brunton case have both been reinvigorated with live avenues of enquiry being pursued.”

Like Seven’s former hit Australia’s Most Wanted, which ran from 1989 until 1999, the mark of success isn’t just TV ratings but it’s role in actually solving a real case.

Seven also plays no direct part in determining if the $1 million rewards should be awarded. That falls to Victoria Police should information lead to a conviction.

“We have been encouraged with the positive public reaction to the series and the quality of the information received,” he said.


  1. I hope they catch poor Renita’s killer. An interesting episode, although I was distracted by the subtitler’s poor grammar. I wanted to turn off the TV when I saw would of…could of.. .and year’s .. .

  2. The Renita Brunton case is just horrific and I really hope they catch whoever murdered her because that person doesn’t deserve to be walking free given the way she was killed. I feel for the original investigators who appear on the show because you can tell these cases still haunt them.

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