Keep calm and watch Neighbours

Alan Fletcher has spoken out amid reports of Neighbours license fee negotiations, some of which were already speculating about a possible axing.

“In 22 years of being on Neighbours, it’s not the first time a tabloid newspaper has suggested it’s the end,” he told Nova. “All I can say is that our relationship with the broadcasters at Channel 5 and Channel ELEVEN couldn’t be better or stronger.”

“The stories we are doing right now where Toadie [Ryan Maloney] is chasing Dee Bliss [Madeline West] in London is probably one of the most successful storylines we’ve ever had in terms of audience members,” he says. “It’s absolutely going off at the moment.”

A spokesperson for FremantleMedia Australia told TV Week.Neighbours is a fantastic show, with a legion of loyal fans around the world,”

“We enjoy a great working relationship with our broadcast partners, and already have some exciting story plans for next year.”


  1. TasTVcameraman

    I have been happily watching it for 22 years, I missed the first 10 years because I thought it was a soapie which it is, until a forced period of inactivity got me watching it and I realised that to put a show like it together every week takes a dedicated of people, Well Done to the Crew and cast. Thankyou for one of my little treats of a nighttime.

  2. It was a funny interview with Fitzy and Wippa this morning on Nova. It’s good to see Alan doesn’t take himself (or the show) too seriously and was happy to go along with their jokes.

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