Million Dollar Cold Case: Mar 29

Tonight Million Dollar Cold Case covers three Victorian cases dating back to 1986.

Ina-Doris Warrick
Ina-Doris Warrick was found deceased at her home on 25 March 1986. The 25-year-old nurse had been stabbed a number of times. There are no witnesses, so the only person who knows what happened is the murderer. The unusual crime scene showed no signs of a struggle, leading detectives to believe Ina-Doris knew her killer. Although police have two strong suspects, without new evidence or a murder weapon linking them directly to the crime, Ina-Doris’ killer has never been brought to justice.

Larry Weber
The body of 33-year-old Larry Weber was discovered lying on the road outside his home at 10.45pm on 29 May 2002. Larry was an IT consultant who wanted nothing more than to find a wife and have a family. He was an organized person, a creature of habit. When his body was discovered, police initially believed they were looking at a hit-run collision, but the evidence painted a more disturbing picture. Larry had been stabbed multiple times and had been run over by his own car. Police have a strong suspect, but no physical evidence to link the suspect to the murder.

Fiona Burns and John Lee
Fiona Burns and John Lee were only 15 and 14 years old when they were murdered. The young and rebellious teenagers were on a hitch-hiking adventure from Adelaide to Melbourne. Their bodies were found at a truck stop off the Western Highway near the South Australian / Victoria border on 18 October 1990. Their deaths led to a crime scene stretching 300kms and potentially thousands of witnesses along the highway. The person responsible for the brutal deaths of these two young kids is still out there, somewhere.

Wednesday 29 March at 9pm on Seven.

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