Murder Uncovered: Mar 27

Seven has now advised details of its Murder Uncovered episode which was yanked (twice) for legal reasons.

As noted, this covers Melbourne gangland history and particularly stories surrounding George and Carl Williams.

Key interviews include widow Roberta Williams, and according to the press release her daughter Dhakota, plus former top cop Christine Nixon.

This one is likely to rate well for Seven….

George and Carl Williams were the father and son team at the heart of Australia’s bloodiest underworld war. A battle for supremacy in the lucrative drug business, marked by tit for tat killings as the fighting escalated. They were driven by money, power, revenge and overindulgence in their own products.

Guns and car bombs were the preferred methods, and 29 gangsters died quickly and violently in their homes, in clubs and on Melbourne’s streets. There were a lot of players and five main gangs all wrestling for control. But the Williams’ greatest enemy was the Moran family – Lewis and Judy, and their sons, Jason and Mark.

Behind the bloodshed were the soap opera lives of the key players – affairs, lavish entertaining, domestic violence, holidays in Surfers Paradise, shootings, murder, shifting allegiances, and feuds between wives, lovers, and the matriarchs of both families. All faithfully recorded in home movies to be aired for the first time.

Murder Uncovered takes you inside the country’s worst gang war and into the lives of these criminal clans in a major investigation unearthing explosive revelations from never been seen videos, secret recordings, Carl’s secret love letters and testimony from those closest to the Williams.

For the first time, the people on the inside tell the real story of what happened – the wives, the lawyer, the children, the victims, the detectives and the mistress.

Carl’s wife, Roberta, and daughter, Dhakota, open up about the family’s secretive world. His barrister lifts the lid on the gangland warfare – the backdoor deals, the killings, the attempted hits. And hear the explosive revelations when Kathleen – George’s life-long love and sister of his wife, Barbara – speaks for the first time.

You’ll hear from Matthew Johnson, the vicious criminal who murdered Carl Williams in a maximum security prison. Why did he do it?

With Carl, George and the Moran’s now all six foot under, these people can finally speak without fear of retribution.

And from beyond the grave, George Williams’ confessions.

Just when you thought you knew it all…

Monday 27 March at 9pm on Seven.

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