Pregnant & Platonic next for Australia?

Thought a TV “wedding” at the altar or surprising your parents with same-sex marriage was extreme TV?

Think again.

Producers in Australia have picked up the rights to Pregnant & Platonic, an Israeli format which matches singles both looking to co-parent without marriage or sex.

Each individual will meet 3 potential partners that have been hand-selected for them in advance by a team of experts. They will then go thru a 3-day intensive parenting boot camp to help determine if their values and parenting styles are compatible.

Once (and if) they choose a platonic partner to have a child with, we will follow each couple over the course of a year and witness their attempt of becoming a family, as they face numerous challenges and difficult decisions before they can turn their dreams of becoming parents into a reality.

Will the couples make their dream come true and have a baby? Each story will hopefully climax with a baby being born…

Local format rights have been picked up by Eureka Productions (The Chefs’ Line) but it isn’t known if a broadcaster is interested.

Meanwhile Seven is coproducing a factual crime series in the UK, Swipe Right for Murder (working title).

The 8 x 60-minute series explores the real-life dangers of dating in the digital world while providing intimate access to victims’ families and the law enforcement officials who are working to bring each perpetrator to justice.

Source: Real Screen


  1. This is the lowest reality show idea ever. Its seems many people have lost all respect for children, and themselves. I’m starting to wonder if the melodramatics and the disrespect for all things natural is a social illness.

  2. This is just awful. It’s one thing to play with the emotions of adults aka MAFS but that of an unborn child. I understand some people’s needs to start a family, but I am assuming the contestants won’t be from the same town thus the child’s parents would live in different states. I know sometimes this does happen in real life but it’s not something potential parents plan for their future.

    Reality TV isn’t like it used to be…Savannah Waters springs to mind lol!! But given the number of Australians choosing to watch reality (1.4 million for reality show MKR versus drama This Is Us 350K last night for example) I am sure there will be many people tuning in…just not me.

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