Returning: Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: SVU fans are about to get new episodes, but TEN is rethinking its place in the schedule.

It returns on Saturday March 18th. I can’t confirm the time, which appears to be 8:30pm, but conflicting info from TEN also suggests a 7:30pm timeslot (I think it’s an error).

The show returns with S18E7 “Next Chapter.”

A woman is sexually assaulted by a masked man, but she believes the rapist is the same man who went to jail for stalking her.

The chilling case starts to take its toll on Carisi, as he questions if being a cop will change him for the worse. Benson also grapples with whether or not it is time to retire.

Tucker contemplates his retirement and a future with Benson.


  1. What? But SVU is always on Thursdays (or it has been for as long as I remember watching it). Then Saturday is a stupid night, especially since the shows they had on then weren’t doing well. I thought they liked SVU since it was one of the shows they always seem to have on in repeats (like NCIS) so while you may need to wait for new eps you could at least rely on it being on that day. If they must move it to the weekend why not put it on Sunday night with Bull? I hope they’re planning on putting some of those shows they took off back on Saturday to go with SVU so its not just randomly on by itself. But I think a crime Sunday could work well for them as they could put Scorpion, Macgyver, Hawaii-Five-0, Bull, & SVU all on the one night from 6.30. Sure that’d put SVU on at 10.30 but given its topic that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Or do the crime Sunday with those shows but leave SVU…

  2. Bad move. Is this just to make space for a rerun of a show from 24 hours ago? As for 7:30? Why not. Seems anything goes now re censorship of programs. Classify it whatever so it meets the timeslot. Rape and murder at 7:30? Not impressed TEN.
    Then, old movies didn’t work last week so anything new we’ll try.

  3. Well done Ten, you’ll kill this off too.
    Any chance it returns with MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 and they stick with their “Crime Night Saturday’s”?

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