Returning: The Coroner

The second and final season of The Coroner begins on ABC tomorrow.

The series, produced as a daytime drama by the BBC, was axed earlier this month. It will be followed by the premiere of The Halcyon -also axed in March.

The return of the crime series set against a stunning coastal backdrop sees high-flying solicitor Jane Kennedy (Claire Goose) in the Devon town she left as a teenager, investigating sudden or unexplained deaths in her role as Coroner.

Working alongside local police detective DS Davey Higgins (Matt Bardock), her childhood sweetheart, and with a new and intriguing case to tackle in each episode – starting with the discovery of a body – Jane’s empathy and sharp instincts lead her to the secrets and complicated relationships behind each death.

The Coroner mixes mystery, crime fighting and jeopardy with the warm, light-hearted tone of Jane’s relationships with her colleagues, family and the local community.

In this new series, the chemistry between Jane and Davey remains as palpable as ever – will this old flame finally be reignited?

In this episode Jane’s fear of heights is put to the test when she and Davey investigate a skydiving accident and discover that someone has tampered with the parachute.

7:30pm Saturday on ABC.


  1. Of passing interest, the exterior of The Halcyon is a former Land Registry building in London and the basement shots were filmed in the catacombs of the “House of Detention”, an old prison site dating back to the 1700’s which was actually used as a bomb shelter in WW2 and has been featured in an episode of Living TV’s “Most Haunted”. (Wikipedia,

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