SBS World News late edition paused for The Feed

Last week SBS quietly paused its 10:30pm edition of SBS World News in place of replays of The Feed from SBS VICELAND.

It’s a similar repeat strategy TEN has been doing with The Project for some time.

Screening at 10:30pm the late edition World News hovers around the 50,000 mark, with The Feed attracting roughly the same kind of numbers.

In the past SBS has experimented with the programme on its primary channel, but the networks denies World News has been axed as a cost-cutting or ratings move.

A spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We are running The Feed on SBS in the late news slot for five weeks, with associated promotion, to introduce it to a wider audience. We have scheduled extra news updates throughout these weeks. SBS Late News is an important part of the SBS news and current affairs schedule and it will be returning after this period.”

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