Sunday Night: Mar 5

Kerri-Anne Kennerley interviews Paul Hogan for Sunday Night this weekend.

The promos suggest he admits to being the “villain” in the marriage breakdown and shares his thoughts over what he thinks is “Un-Australian.” But will he tell us what he thought of that telemovie?

A bit odd this interview didn’t run in conjunction with Hoges, rather than 2 weeks later…?

The Enforcer
He’s known as one of the country’s most violent men. Rodney ‘Goldie’ Atkinson was a founding member of brutal Middle Eastern crime gang, Brothers 4 Life. They were a gang like no other – cocky, savage, murderous. Brothers 4 Life redefined how gangs operated, ruthlessly controlling their patch. There were drive-by shootings, bashings, kidnappings, even torture. Brothers 4 Life appeared untouchable as the gang’s drug empire flourished and the money flowed. All orchestrated by a convicted murderer from his prison cell. And on the outside was Goldie, the most feared underworld enforcer. Six foot six, gold teeth, tattoos, he was a towering gun for hire. Now, Goldie is smashing the gang code of silence to reveal the truth about Brothers 4 Life. Sunday Night gives a chilling insight into the inner workings of one of Australia’s most notorious organised crime gangs. And we’ll reveal the life and crimes of the man they call The Enforcer.

Our Aussie Icon
For a while there Paul Hogan wasn’t just an Australian, he was Australia to the rest of the world. First as Crocodile Dundee, then throwing a shrimp on the Barbie in those hugely successful tourism ads. But to us, he’s always been just Hoges – a bit of a rascal, but always good for a laugh. At 77, he’s more thoughtful and candid about his life and loves… but still as cheeky as ever. Just ask Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.

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