TEN the biggest loser in weekly share

TEN has suffered a slump in weekly share as a result of The Biggest Loser: Transformed failing.

It fell from 17.4% a week ago to 15.6% while its primary channel share slipped under 10%. Gogglebox was its only show to average above 500,000 across the week.

Aside from the usualĀ Married at First Sight, My Kitchen Rules and news bulletins, it was UK dramas on the ABC that floated towards the top.

Seven won its sixth straight week.

Seven: 32.5
Nine: 28.4
ABC: 17.2
TEN: 15.6
SBS: 6.3

Primary channel:
Seven: 22.8
Nine: 19.9
ABC: 12.5
TEN: 9.9
SBS: 4.5

9GO!: 3.9
7mate: 3.8
7TWO: 3.6
ONE: 3.0
ABC2: 2.7
9GEM: 2.4
7flix: 2.3
9Life: 2.2
ABC News 24: 1.4
SBS Food Network / SBS VICELAND: 0.8
ABC ME: 0.5
NITV: 0.1

Nine claimed 16-39 and 18-49 demos, Seven took 25-54.

Best brands his week were:

Seven: My Kitchen Rules (Wed: 1.14m), Seven News (Sun: 1.06m), Sunday Night (712,000) and Home and Away (704,000).

Nine: Married at First Sight (Mon: 1.25m), Nine News (Sun: 985,000), A Current Affair (804,000) and Travel Guides (685,000).

ABC: Death in Paradise (853,000), Vera (851,000), ABC News (Sat: 828,000) and Grand Designs (743,000).

TEN: Gogglebox (725,000), The Project (7pm: 475,000), TEN Eyewitness News (474,000) and All Star Family Feud (457,000).

SBS: Great Continental Railway Journeys (331,000), The Night Manager (326,000), Great British Railway Journeys (260,000) and Insight (229,000).

Seven won Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nine scored Sunday and Monday. ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Seven claimed Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine scored Sydney and Brissy.

After next week we head into 2 weeks of Easter non-ratings.


  1. Whilst I respect Ten for trying to deliver the promised schedule consistency, they must take action on TBL to avoid the damage to wider schedule and give it a stronger platform to promote Masterchef.
    Everyone’s a programmer, so here’s my suggestion, requiring some bold moves… Contain the damage to one night a week, now that Sunday is clear of TBL, re-edit the show to 2 hours a week and schedule on Mondays, one of Ten’s weakest nights anyway.

    Mon 7.30 – 9.30 TBL Transformed
    Mon 9.30 – 10.30 The Odd Couple

    Tue 7.30 NCIS
    Tue 8.30 NCIS: LA
    Tue 9.30 NCIS: NO

    Wed 7.30 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals
    Wed 8.00 Bondi Rescue

    Thurs 7.30 All-Star Family Feud

    Hopefully there’s some Feud in the can that can fill Thursdays.
    Whilst it’s not a stellar line up, I’d guarantee this would do better numbers that TBL is managing across 4 nights a week.

    • jezza the first original one

      amateur, click programmers……my suggestion is Mon-Thu 6.30pm-10.30pm…TBA…keep em guessing cos I aint gotta clue what folk want to watch

  2. Be interesting to see how Death In Paradise goes next time around in Australia with Ardal O’Hanlon replacing Kris Marshall as in the UK the ratings have gone up with season 6. In fact the show is in the unique position of when replacing it’s lead cast member the ratings have got better each time, as when Kris replaced Ben Miller they also improved.

  3. Having only just watched it last night, I have to put out a special commendation to Call the Midwives. What an emotional finish to the season. Consistently one of the best humanist dramas on TV.

  4. Seven dominated last week, mostly thanks to the AFL, winning 5 nights (4 of them by massive margins). They were only pipped on Monday and Tueaday too.

    That’d hurt Nine, who were leading for much of the week, ended up losing 25-54s key advertising demo & their #1 market for Married – Melbourne too!

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