Undressed going out with a whimper (not a bang)

When it comes to being bumped into a low-rent timezone does it get any more dire than this?

SBS series Undressed will screen its final two episodes at 11:40pm Saturday March 24th.

A few weeks ago the show was quietly bumped from Monday to Saturday nights.

Ratings for the unconventional dating show struggled at around 60,000.

A casting call has gone out for a second season, but it isn’t clear whether SBS is now reconsidering its commitment.


  1. This type of show probably would have rated through the roof in the mid-90s when we all didn’t have the internet to help us when we were wanting to look at naked people.

  2. thedirtydigger

    Would someone at SBS please explain to me how this pile of low rent crap fits the SBS charter?
    Was it ” noisy” enough for the SBS – or – here’s an idea – how about putting on great Australian shows that viewers actually want to watch?
    About time for a sweep through the commissioning editor ranks at this public funded public service charade of a TV station.

  3. Would suggest ‘Homeland’ has come a close second in the’ bumped to oblivion’ stakes (although it’s a much higher quality product!).
    Common sense does seem to be in short supply at SBS though…

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