60 Minutes: April 9

Liam Bartlett sits down with the one and only Tina Arena this Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Oh and a few other stories too…

Vapour Trails
For years and years, executives from Big Tobacco all over the world perpetrated the myth – always with a straight face and often on oath – that smoking was neither addictive nor harmful. But Tara Brown has just done an interview which will surely take your breath away. It’s with a current, senior scientist at British American Tobacco who finally admits what we have all known for a long time. Smoking kills. No, he doesn’t have a gun held to his head, but he does have an agenda. He wants to promote nicotine e-cigarettes, or vaping as it’s also called in Europe and America. And guess what? It is safer than tobacco … but does that mean it’s really safe?
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Nick Greenaway, Eliza Berkery

Petite Tina
Time flies when you’re having fun. Just ask Tina Arena. Many will find it hard to believe, but it’s 40 years since a confident, in-tune 10-year-old girl quickly nicknamed Tiny Tina began belting out pop songs on the TV show, Young Talent Time. And if you do the maths, that means this year Tina Arena is celebrating another significant milestone. But while we’ve always loved her and her music here in Australia, she’s been an even bigger hit in France.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producers: Stefanie Sgroi

Never Give Up
When Anna Meares retired last year she did so as the greatest female track cyclist ever. It’s a wonderful achievement, but it would not have happened without her coach Gary West, the gruff taskmaster and brilliant tactician who engineered her success. Tragically, now Gary is in for the ride – and the battle – of his life. He has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, a cruel condition with no cure. His body is rapidly failing him and doctors have said he may only have months to live. But Gary is up for the fight – and so is Anna Meares.
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producer: Steve Jackson
Sneak Peek

Who Killed Josh?
Last year 60 Minutes reported the case of young aboriginal man Gene Gibson, convicted of killing 21-year-old Josh Warneke in Broome in 2010. Liam Bartlett’s investigation revealed a police case against Gibson which was so flawed and incompetent that even Josh’s mother, Ingrid Bishop, has been fighting to have her son’s killer freed. This week the West Australian Court of Appeal heard more arguments why this is one of most shocking miscarriages of justice in the state’s history.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Ali Smith

7pm Sunday on Nine.

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