Airdate: MasterChef: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Food.

Just around the corner, TEN’s MasterChef series will be preceded by a special, MasterChef: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Food, looking back on some of its graduates, some who have since had their own TV shows.

The series is tipped for early May.

More than just a hit television show, MasterChef Australia is a cultural phenomenon. Since it debuted in 2009, it has changed the landscape of Australian television, the way the entire nation approaches food and the lives of many of its contestants.

This special television event catches up with some of the show’s most memorable contestants to see how they have transformed their lives thanks to their time on MasterChef Australia.

Join Julie Goodwin, Poh Ling Yeow, Hayden Quinn, Adam Liaw, Justine Schofield and many more as they share their journeys from cooking novices to household names.

7:30pm Thursday April 27 on TEN.


  1. Suprised that ten are doing such a special this year (unless this special was commissioned last minute in response to the TBL failular). Next year is the 10 anniversary edition and it would have made more sense to do it then,

  2. For me personally it would be a lot more interesting if “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Food” was turned into ‘Extraordinary People, Ordinary Food’. The dishes they produce in the last couple of season is not what I would call cooking anymore.

  3. I’ve liked the recent promos for this and it’s true, there are so many graduates who have done fantastic things (and that hot doofus Devon who did an advert for, was it cheese?). This should be a decent aperitif for the main series.

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