Another Wentworth inmate on the move?

fans are quizzing a storyline move in which Doreen (Shareena Clanton) is applying for a transfer to a Western Australian prison.

“The show keeps twisting and turning in unexpected ways,” she told TV Tonight, “…(including) the conflict of belonging and what the world of Wentworth means to certain characters.  The relationships start to change, and the power base…

“My character is wanting to get a transfer to Perth in order to be with her son, so she really starts fighting to be with her family and feeling like she no longer belongs in the world of Wentworth.”

But if Doreen gets that transfer does it mean she follows Bea Smith and Maxine out of the show?

“Watch this space… you’ll have to keep watching to see what happens.”


  1. I think it’s logical for Doreen to want to move to Perth to follow Nash and Josh. I think it’ll be a complicated process which is ultimately denied and cause pain though. This season is slow burning, having to reposition after Bea’s death, but I’m confident by the halfway point we’ll be gripped.

  2. Things like this used to happen in Prisoner in the old days – you could always tell the episodes around the time of contract renewals as you’d have prisoners being released, transferred or even killed and then you’d also have new ones coming in, new screws, etc.

  3. I am finding it harder to really get into this season. With cast members leaving and not using Paul McDermott as Mike Pennisi, it has put me off from the start. I will still watch it but it is getting a bit Meh in my book!

    • I have spoken to soctortis otitis who played with Maxine and he has left for good! You can look it up. I a shame as just like Danielle Cormack he had more storyline they could have done and was a outstanding performer. I am still watching Wentworth but I feel it has lost what made the show great. They do this when the show gets really big but they are making a mistake!

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