Evans unhappy with Sunday Night producers

Pete Evans has hit back over his Sunday Night interview, questioning the editorial by the Seven programme.

On Facebook he thanked his faithful for sharing their stories on camera at a recent health event.

“For some reason, the producers decided that those stories were not as important and decided to air a lovely lady at the seminar, saying she was happy to have a selfie with me. I guess the producers thought that a selfie is what they deemed more important to the story, instead of sharing real life Australians, reclaiming their health through simple dietary changes that work,” he wrote.

“I do not consider myself to be a leader as they portrayed, but just one curious member of the public (tribe). We interview professionals that are changing people’s lives instead of the nonsense of everything in moderation mantra that so many fall back on.”

Last week the AMA accused Evans of “putting his fans’ health at risk with extreme advice on diet, fluoride, calcium. Celebrity chef shouldn’t dabble in medicine.”

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