Fake news unfairly targets Neighbours star

KIIS FM has riled Network TEN after its “intern” Pete Deppeler fabricated a story about Neighbours star Stefan Dennis at the Logie Awards on Sunday.

Deppeler, who painted himself in gold for the second year running on the carpet, had originally told listeners on the Kyle & Jackie O show that Dennis had ‘fallen into the gutter’ and had a ‘power spew.’

But after a strong denial from TEN, he admitted “I think it was 3.38am when I was walking out … it sounds a lot worse, what I said. You know how I said he was in the gutter? It was more like he tripped a little bit, he hit someone else’s shoe.

“I didn’t see the spew, I saw him cough,” he admitted.

“After being contacted by Channel TEN, Kyle and Jackie O discovered that ­Intern Pete had embellished the story. And they were outraged,” a spokeswoman told the Daily Telegraph.

Deppeler red carpet stunt, in which he was joined by two short-statured silver accomplices this year, also drew criticism. “I honestly can’t believe this hasn’t been roundly slammed. Appalling,” Chrissie Swan suggested.


  1. You mean breakfast radio isn’t wholly truthful? I’m shocked!

    Next you’ll be telling me Wayne “Waynee Poo” Roberts’ song “The Day We Went To Bribie” wasn’t an original…

  2. This is an outright lie – and it is defamation. Pete will need a lawyer if Stefan pushes it.
    David, you might want to ring around and find out what else this trio got up to. One woman told me one of the two short-statured guys made some pretty tacky comments as she passed by – bad enough she was recounting the tale to a group of journos the next day.

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