First on Seven lifted by Nine

Seven is again unhappy over its news stories it regards as exclusives running on Nine News.

This footage about three people charged over alleged racial abuse at AFL players ran in Nine’s tweets pre-news, their opener and their pack in Melbourne.

Nine included Seven’s watermark but it clearly hasn’t appeased their opposition.


  1. Channel 9 in 2016: “channel 7 put the watermark on footage we don’t have! Whatever will we do?”
    Channel 9 now: “watermark? **** it!”

  2. So Nine can’t report any news that runs as a Seven exclusive, or they’re just having another tanty about Nine using their footage of the news? Also. first on Seven does not equal only on Seven.

  3. Other than the networks, does anybody actually care who had a story first? As a viewer, I couldn’t care less who got it first. The stupid watermarks that run across the screen are annoying and I really don’t think 99% of the viewers care anyway.

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