Oops. “F Bomb” on Seven News.

Warning: language

Jessica Adamson was clearly unhappy about something during last night’s Seven News bulletin in Adelaide.

Seen here with Mark Soderstrom, her frustration could be┬áheard as the programme went to an ad break….


  1. I’m not surprised. Language doesn’t travel well, even between English speaking countries. I had problems with an American penfriend a few years back when I talked about thongs and jocks, both words mean something else in the US. In the UK bong is the sound of a bell, whereas in Australia a bong is something you use to smoke marijuana. Perhaps the news editors can monitor the soundtrack of foreign news reports instead of blindly putting them to air and repeating word for word the overseas descriptions.

  2. noun: bong; plural noun: bongs
    1. a low-pitched, resonant sound of the kind made by a large bell.
    Didn’t she know the meaning of the word and related it to something else? A true professional always assumes the microphones are live and on-air.

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