Tip the Logies!: Gold headed to TEN again?

Network TEN will walk away with a Gold Logie win yet again according to TV Tonight readers -but for which star?

Waleed Aly, Pete Helliar and Jessica Marais are all in with a shot at the top prize, according to 409 completed Tip the Logies! surveys.

Last year’s survey correctly predicted a Waleed Aly win. This year there isn’t much room between two Project hosts and actress Jessica Marais, who appears on both Nine’s Love Child and TEN’s Wrong Girl dramas.

It seems TEN will nab the lion’s share of the public voted categories, if viewers are correct.

The only other category deemed too close to call is Best New Talent.

Readers were also asked their preference for Hall of Fame with Denise Drysdale proving to be a landslide favourite. But industry chatter tips Kerri-Anne Kennerley to take it out.

Here are the results for the public voted categories, according to readers:

Gold Logie: Best Personality too close to call
Waleed Aly (The Project 10),
Jessica Marais (Love Child 9, The Wrong Girl 10),
Peter Helliar (The Project 10),

Silver: Best Actor
Samuel Johnson (Molly 7)

Silver: Best Actress
Jessica Marais (Love Child 9, The Wrong Girl 10)

Silver: Best Presenter
Carrie Bickmore (The Project 10)

Best New Talent: too close to call
Penny McNamee (Home And Away 7)
Rob Collins (Cleverman ABC / The Wrong Girl 10)

Best Drama
Wentworth (Foxtel)

Best Entertainment
Have You Been Paying Attention? (10)

Best News Panel or Current Affairs
The Project (10)

Best Reality
Australian Survivor (10)

Best Sports
In Rio Today (7)

Best Lifestyle
The Living Room (10)

Best Factual
Gogglebox (Foxtel / 10)


Hall of Fame (jury voted)
Denise Drysdale (10)


  1. Was I the only one who got the Gold correct?
    And that was only because I voted for who I thought should get it – I really thought the popular vote would go elsewhere.

  2. I have seen this once great night decline to the point where I won’t be watching it fir the first time in my life this year.
    Hope those of you that can be bothered are entertained.
    I am thrilled Kerri Anne is being recognised, but apart from that I have virtually zero interest.

  3. I remember sitting down with my tv week mag watching the broadcast going through the categories waiting to see who the winners would be. But I will probably just watch bits and pieces tonight. It doesnt have the same feel about it anymore.

    I mean people are campaigning for there peers or they use social networking to get people to vote for them.

    I really like Pete I do but he virtually campaigned to be nominated because of his 2 other co hosts winning one. Back in the days when you had Graham Kennedy, Bert, Rebecca Gibney, Georgie Parker, Lisa McCune, John Wood etc it meant something.

    Anyway cant wait for Dave Hughes opening tonight. I have seen he has already said he will make a joke about Karl and Tim Worner. Wonder who else he will make fun of.

  4. Samuel Johnson and Jess Marais are the only ones worthy of a Gold Logie this year IMHO. Waleed won it last year (should be ineligible this year), Pete is not funny and Grant is boring.

    • So anyone who won a Logie last year should be ineligible, even if they are still popular? That doesn’t seem very logical. What about the Outstanding categories? Can you not be “outstanding” two years in a row? It’s a popularity contest – if you have rules that prevent someone from being nominated just because they won the year before, then it’s no longer a “popularity” contest. Should anyone who has won in the past be ineligible? That would wipe out many of the nominees…

  5. Look at all those tens next to the names, it’s always a bit amusing to me that the lowest rated commercial network gets so many popular votes each year.

  6. I would like to see In Rio Tonight win Best Sports, but it won’t. One of the Footy Shows will..

    As for the Gold, it’s hard to choose just one. They’re all great.

  7. i hope the Gold Logie goes to Jessica Marais(brilliant actress particularly on Love Child) or Grant Denyer. i dont like Pete Helliar and dont find him funny

  8. If Waleed or Pete win Gold my house will be Project free. I’m hoping Grant Denyer wins as he does a great job presenting Family Feud.

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