Airdate: Blood Drive

Warning: Language, adult themes, blah, blah blah.

A twisted futuristic series is coming to Syfy in June.

Blood Drive¬†includes “Cannibals, Monsters, Cults, Lawmen, Nymphos, Amazons,” and killer cars.

This will screen 2 days after its US premiere.

Set in a near-dystopian future, the series features a former cop, who is forced to take part in a death race in which cars run on human blood as fuel.

8:40pm Saturday June 17 on Syfy.


  1. I’m actually looking forward to this too. I’m not expecting Emmy winning quality obviously…but it has potential to be insanely fun.

  2. Watched the shorts for this on the net

    This won’t last long – absolute garbage.

    I bet the guy who approved the funding for this is no longer with them

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