Amy & Tyson win My Kitchen Rules 2017

Brisbane siblings Amy & Tyson Murr have won My Kitchen Rules 2017.

The brother and sister team bettered fellow Queenslanders Valerie & Courtney to take out the 2017 title and the $250,000 prize.

Amy & Tyson scored 57 out of 60 points -including three perfect 10s- ahead of Valerie & Courtney’s 52 points in a marathon, 5 course finale.

The win comes despite Tyson being depicted as the show’s “angry, angry man” villain across successive weeks. But he proved his criticism of “average food” could be matched by “above average” cooking, demonstrated from their very first instant restaurant.

“I’m just so proud of what Amy and I have achieved together,” he said “We couldn’t have done it alone and I’m just happy to be sharing it with her. This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is going to be for me. Being crowned the winner makes my dreams of becoming a chef a reality. It’s going to happen.”

Amy added, “To go through so many hurdles, ups and downs, and to come out the champions, it’s like a dream come true.”

But there were plenty of compliments for the runners-up too. Pete Evans said the standard in the finale was amongst the best he had seen.

My Kitchen Rules has brought us even closer together and we’ve really enjoyed these last few months,” said Valerie.

Courtney added, “I want to say a big, huge thank you to my mum. She’s an amazing person. She inspires me every day.”


  1. Good on Amy and Tyson. It shows there record high score at there instant restaurant was not a fluke. They were only in a elimination round once I think. But along the way they did strive to cook the best food and restaurant standard food.

    They built Tyson up as this angry man but he was fine mainly getting frustrated with himself. It was nice to see 2 likable teams battle it out.

  2. And the way every minor incident is milked for all its worth & promo’d as some major drama, just leads viewers on all the time. The Promo of Manu dressing down one of the contestants implied it was going to be aired the next episode, when of course it was dragged on for about another week! We usually watch it each year, but switched off about 6 weeks ago- its just the same old thing and goes on way too long. There always has to be the villain, has to be the nice guys, has to be the meltdowns, has to be the dinner table confrontation…yawn. The Producers need to realise you can have to much of a good thing and get back to basics – stick with one round of home restaurants ( 2 max) and freshen it up. I know its all about the entertainment angle, ratings and getting the viewers sucked in, but at least Masterchef takes a different approach and is genuinely about the cooking- not the…

  3. I think the best team won, but Channel 7 are just ruining this series by drawing it out so long. The constant previews throughout the series are a real problem as well. And like last year, they gave too much away by showing the direction Pete and Manu were facing when announcing the winners. I knew exactly who won as soon as they previewed where each team would be standing at the end of the night.

  4. The series was drawn out for far to long and l am sure many viewers felt the same. I opted out last year and l know many others who did as well. Dragging out the season is damaging the brand.

  5. Not having watched the show – it was pretty obvious from pre-season promos & advertising boards that
    this couple would take it out. No need to watch !!!

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