Maria Venuti being released from rehabilitation

Veteran showbiz personality Maria Venuti is being released from hospital after months of rehabilitation.

Peter Ford told The Morning Show the road ahead was still a long recovery but living with her daughter Bianca was a big step.

“She at least will be in the confines, not of her own home -she will never be able to return to live on her own in her home.

“But she will be able to live with her daughter, Bianca.

“Bianca has been just extraordinary from day one.

“Maria does require 24/ 7 care and life is never going to be the same. But I know Maria is going to be much happier living at home with Bianca than she has been in recent times., despite the fact it was an extraordinary nursing home she was in.”

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Thank you for the update David Knox……
    Sadly, it is not easy adjusting to aging and the various events attached to it….difficult to give up ones independence…and I would imagine. even more so for such a vibrant, out there, person…Best wishes to Maria…

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