Susie Elelman reveals Rolf Harris incident

On Studio 10 TV presenter Susie Elelman today revealed details of an incident with disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris, during the 1970s.

“He had this habit of hugging you and then running his hand down your back and trying to insert his finger you know where,” she said.

Then in her 20s, Elelman says she reported the incident to management, to no avail.

“It was in those days when you don’t do anything.”


  1. daveinprogress

    It’s fascinating, and tragic, what secrets people kept and what was known but never discussed. I know they were different times, but its a poor excuse to say that no-one did anything back then. Her revelation that everyone knew what was going on with Hey Dad is just sickening. And as for Ally Fowler saying ‘God bless him’!!!! Thank goodness Jessica Rowe begged to differ.

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