60 Minutes: June 18

Tomorrow 60 Minutes looks into secret tapes surrounding Princess Diana, death in the boxing ring, and NZ singer Lorde.

Diana’s Secrets
When Diana, the Princess of Wales died in a car crash in a Paris city tunnel 20 years ago the world could barely believe it. She had been one of the most adored women of the 20th century, the young girl who’d grown up and married her prince, the heir to the throne, in a fairytale romance. Sadly, the fairytale was just that, a myth. Despite intense scrutiny and speculation, the reality was a story no one wanted to believe until Diana told journalist and author Andrew Moreton the secrets of her miserable existence; the reasons for her failed marriage and her heartbreaking attempts to end her life. Moreton’s book was a jaw-dropping expose which changed the Palace forever. Now 25 years later Liz Hayes discovers there’s even more to this story – an intriguing spy tale worthy of its own book. There are revelations about secret tape recordings and clandestine meetings which will once again captivate all Royal watchers. And Moreton has even more disclosures about what the Princess told him.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producers: Eliza Berkery, Jo Townsend

Lorde Knows
Just a few short years ago, Lorde was a shy and awkward schoolgirl in New Zealand. Then she wrote and recorded the song Royals, which she gave away free to anyone who wanted it. It was either an act of great generosity or masterful marketing, but probably both. Almost instantly the then 16 year old transformed herself into a pop princess. Her unique voice and extraordinary songwriting ability catapulted her to music stardom. Now, four years later, there’s a second coming. Lorde is back with new music and a highly anticipated – and applauded – new album. And as Allison Langdon discovered, she’s as intelligent, quirky and wonderful as ever.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Garry McNab

Death of a Champ
If ever there was an example of why the sport of boxing has so many critics demanding it should be banned, then the tragedy of professional boxer Davey Browne is surely it. Two years ago Browne was in a Sydney boxing ring, literally fighting for his life. He lost, dying at just 28 years of age. This week, the New South Wales Coroner will hand down findings into the circumstances which allowed the young champion to be beaten to death in a supposedly properly regulated and fully sanctioned international bout. The question is why didn’t boxing officials step in to stop the fight? It’s something Browne’s family – most of whom watched him die – desperately need answered.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Garry McNab

9pm Sunday June 18 on Nine.

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