60 Minutes: June 25

On a late 60 Minutes this Sunday, stories on Paul McCartney, Middle East conflict and a body farm in the Blue Mountains.

A Day in the Life
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s the musical masterpiece many consider the greatest rock and roll album ever made. For Paul McCartney that’s not a bad achievement in a career overflowing with accolades and accomplishments. With the Beatles, Wings and as a solo artist, McCartney has sold more than 700 million albums and won so many awards he can barely remember them. His contribution to music has also been recognised with a knighthood. Sir Paul has just celebrated his 75th birthday but has no plans to slow down – instead he’s now got Australia in his sights.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Eliza Berkery

The Talking Dead
Twelve months ago, crime fighters in Australia got a brand new weapon. It’s a little gruesome so it’s hidden away in a secret location in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, but already it is helping police solve murders and missing person cases. It’s Australia’s first body farm. That’s right, a final, very exposed resting place for some of those very generous people who agree to donate themselves to science when they die. In America body farms have proven a vital forensic tool, where investigators are able to study rates of human decomposition. As Peter Stefanovic discovers, listening to the talking dead is a confronting, but also intriguing, experience.
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producer: Grace Tobin

The Great Divide
In 1967, Israel defeated its Arab neighbours and rewrote the map of the Middle East in the so-called Six Day War. Since then Palestinians on the West Bank have been forced to live under Israeli occupation and control. What infuriates them even more is Israel’s policy of building Jewish settlements on what they consider to be their land. The result of this ongoing and highly provocative act is more hate, more violence, and more death. Not surprisingly it is also breeding new generations of Israelis and Palestinians for whom the word peace is anathema.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Howard Sacre

Death of a Champ
It’s a tough question, but it needs to be asked: Is boxing sport or savagery? Last week Ross Coulthart investigated the senseless death of champion professional fighter Davey Browne, who was literally beaten to death in the boxing ring in 2015. The fight was a fully sanctioned international bout, but even though Browne was in distress, none of the supervising officials stepped in to stop it. On Thursday the findings of an inquest into the 28-year-old boxer’s death were released, and the Coroner was scathing in her condemnation of boxing officialdom.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Garry McNab

9:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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