Did Today ratings improve with Ben or Karl?

So did ratings for Today go up when Karl Stefanovic took a week’s break, or down?

Stefanovic took leave halfway through the show on Thursday June 15, with Ben Fordham stepping in a day later. He returned on air on Friday June 23, making true comparisons a little tricky. Lisa Wilkinson was also off air on June 21.

Despite the changes, numbers went up overall in the second week, with Fordham in the chair for 4 of the 5 days.

Of course in the fickle breakfast landscape, 5 days of comparisons are risky to conclude broader trends.

Here are the daily breakdowns between the two shows:

Thursday June 15
Today: 302,000
Sunrise: 279,000

Friday June 16
Sunrise: 313,000
Today: 280,000

Week ending June 17 averages
Sunrise: 287,000
Today: 283,000


Monday June 19
Today: 289,000
Sunrise: 274,000

Tuesday June 20
Today: 297,000
Sunrise: 289,000

Wednesday June 21
Today: 291,000
Sunrise: 276,000

Thursday June 22
Today: 310,000
Sunrise: 281,000

Friday June 23
Today: 309,000
Sunrise: 289,000

Week ending June 24 averages
Today: 299,000
Sunrise: 282,000

Yesterday’s numbers were:

Sunrise: 281,000
Today: 280,000


  1. I prefer to watch the black screen of my off television than either of these shows. From the little I have seen of them, I can tell I am not missing much.

  2. I don’t watch Today, but I am finding watching Karl’s mid-life crisis playing out on the pages of tabloids and magazine immensely entertaining.

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