Has Karl gone AWOL?

Questions are being asked as to why Karl Stefanovic mysteriously vanished off air halfway through the Today show this morning.

Stefanovic was on air until around 7:40am but offered no farewells and failed to reappear.

Tim Gilbert & Richard Wilkins shared hosting duties with Lisa Wilkinson thereafter.

On the show’s Facebook page viewers have begun asking questions:

-Why did Karl disappear halfway through this morning’s show?…
-Good morning to you all luv the show but what happened to Karl
-Where are you Karl? You disappeared

A Nine spokesperson said, “Karl is on leave for the next few days. He will be back on air at the end of next week. Ben Fordham will be filling in for him.”

Rumours are already gathering on whether his absence is linked to headlines surrounding his private life.

Fordham has previously defended his colleague, saying: ”Any questioning of his work ethic is completely ridiculous because work never ends for Karl.”



  1. Turns out he left the show early to escape the paparazzi, so he could travel straight to Sydney Airport to catch a flight to Auckland. He is now having a holiday with girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough in Bora Bora onboard James Packer’s mega yacht.

  2. People care because the show uses the ‘we are family’ theme with their audience so I think it is a bit rude when he does this kind of thing.

  3. I know from watching Sunrise before Kochie has left early but they have at least said he has had to leave early to catch a plane.

    An explanation probably would be viable because people would be wondering where he disappeared to. Imagine if Lisa just left halfway through the show? Questions would be asked.

  4. jezza the first original one

    I think that given his sudden absence halfway through his shift is concerning. The only logical explanation is that he has been abducted……by aliens…..

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