How will Trump influence next House of Cards season?

Warning: Do Not Read unless you have completed Season 5 of House of Cards.

Now that we have that out of the way……

The Hollywood Reporter put 13 burning questions to showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson break.

Here are 2 of their responses.

What is the Status of a Sixth Season?
Pugliese and James Gibson have to leave this answer in the mouths of Netflix — as the streamer has yet to hand down a renewal — but they’ve certainly set up more story to tell with President Claire Underwood stepping into the show’s spotlight. Ahead of the season premiere, Kelly said the cast wasn’t yet contracted for a new season, but that that was typical of the series. “They technically don’t have to tell us yet,” he explained. Going into the season without a season-six guarantee, the co-showrunners said they wrote the ender to function both as a season and series finale, though they added that there have been several ideas about where the show could ultimately end. “Working on television, you have a sense that if it had to end there’s a way to end it, but there is almost always a plan for what it would mean to keep going forward,” said Pugliese. James Gibson added, “That’s the trick. It has to feel like an organic ending and an organic payoff to the arc of the season and in this case, I think you could argue that it really could go either way. We were happy to hopefully leave the viewers wanting more.”

How Will Trump Influence the Next Season?
Despite the many, many real-life parallels this season, Pugliese said they didn’t change anything after Trump’s election. With the season four finale setting up this season’s governing-with-fear theme, the pair explained how this season was in the works long before Trump became the GOP nominee, let alone the leader of the free world. “The show has always been about power and the currency of power and the pursuit of power,” says Pugliese of the finale setting Claire as a “renegade” president and Frank pursuing power in the private sector. “Because of Trump, it actually seems to be relevant at the moment. But it was stuff we were talking about before the season began.” James Gibson adds, “At the core of everything is the marriage and continuing to explore that relationship and what it can sustain with Claire and Francis’ ever-escalating ambition and dependence on each other.”

You can read more questions put to the showrunners here.


  1. I have just finished seeing Season 5 and thought it slow at the start but finished okay which indicates that the revised plot for the American show may be running a bit lean. All the same it should have a Season 6 to provide an ending similar to the British version where Francis Urquhart was shot by the secret service after a damaging revelation from his military past. My bet would be that this show will end after Season 7 which is what most American producers prefer, the problem will be whether all the shows credibility will be lost by then. Whenever the House of Cards ends I shall miss Francis Underwood.

  2. I don’t think anything could have topped last series “we don’t submit to terror, we make the terror” but when President Claire Underwood turned toward the camera and said “my turn”. All I could say was when is Series 6!

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