Nine exec appointment

Nine has promoted Lizzie Young, Director of Content Partnerships, Digital Product Specialist Sales and Trade Marketing to the newly created role of Group Content Strategy Director.

She will drive the distribution and commercialisation of Nine’s content assets across all platforms.

Nine CEO Hugh Marks said, “The facts are that Australians are consuming more television content than ever before.

“However, as audiences change the way they consume our content we too need to continue to innovate how we both create, and distribute, the unique premium Australian content that we invest more than $700 million every year on.

“Lizzie has played a key role at Nine over the past eight years, which has helped us bridge the gap between content and our commercial partners. She has the background, across both our content and sales divisions, to help drive not only greater effectiveness in our current business model, but also how we innovate the way we create, distribute and commercialise our content assets to adapt with changing audience behaviour.”

Young said, “We must innovate how and where we deliver our content.

“In a fragmenting media landscape, we have to work harder to grab consumer attention. Nine must continue to be at the forefront of our audience’s mind, and when they come to us we must deliver them an amazing experience.”

She will report directly to Hugh Marks.

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  1. thedirtydigger

    Um , thanks for reporting this story David but I still don’t understand what Lizzie’s new position entails. Read the usual puff quotes along with all the obligatory buzz words and I don’t think too many people would get it. Perhaps if they accompanied the fluffery with some examples of specific content and how she will make more money out of it. Just a thought …

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