Sunday Night: July 2

Sunday Night‘s Steve Pennells looks at the shooting of Qld policeman Brett Forte, and Matt Doran tries to overcome his biggest phobia.

Officer Down
He was a young father, a loving husband and a proud third-generation policeman. But just over a month ago, Senior Constable Brett Forte was ambushed and shot dead by a crazed gunman. He died a hero, shielding his partner from the gunfire. Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells speaks to the killer’s ex-partner for the first time about what triggered the bloody showdown with police, and reveals the shocking twist that has left her crushed with guilt.

Exposing Fear
Overwhelming terror, cold sweats, a racing pulse and dry mouth. To the outsider, a phobia may seem totally irrational. But to those who must endure them every day, they are all too real and utterly debilitating. Millions of Australians suffer from at least one phobia. It could be a fear of spiders, dentists or even something as seemingly harmless as a bird. But now there’s a high-tech treatment, inspired by – of all things – video games. Even Sunday Night’s Matt Doran was willing to try it in a bid to overcome his worst fear.

Sunday at 8.10pm on Seven.

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