Sunday Night: June 11

On Sunday Night Melissa Doyle speaks with Aussie Candice Hedge, who survived London terror attacks.

The Survivor
A week ago three men armed with knives drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians on the London Bridge, then came a rampage of indiscriminate stabbings. Among the dead, two Australians – nurse Kirsty Bowden and nanny Sara Zelenak. Queenslander, Candice Hedge, very nearly became a third Australian victim. Stabbed in the throat by one of the terrorists, she’s still in hospital recovering. Candice speaks to Sunday Night for the first time about how she survived the horrific attack. Melissa Doyle has this special report from London.

Finding Gobi
She’s a short, scruffy Chihuahua cross – just one of millions of stray dogs in China. Yet Gobi’s tale of courage and survival has warmed the hearts of animal lovers around the world. It begins when Aussie ultra-marathon runner Dion Leonard befriends the plucky little bitzer during a race across China’s Gobi Desert last year. The pair became inseparable, Gobi tenaciously running alongside Dion for the entire race. Dion’s mind was set – he would adopt his new mate and take her home. But, as Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells discovers, his plans would be put to the ultimate test.

It was meant to be a pleasant country drive. A mum visiting her daughter in rural NSW. But it would become a harrowing fight for survival. A momentary lapse of concentration and Melissa Jones’ car was somersaulting down an embankment into a giant ditch, hidden from the road. Trapped inside the wreckage, Melissa clung to life for nearly 11 hours in a race against time – desperately hoping help would arrive. But as Matt Doran reports, neither Melissa or her rescuers knew where she was.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.

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