Sunday Night: June 18

On Sunday Night Matt Doran investigates charity donations while Denham Hitchcock looks into life longevity.

Australia’s Great Charity Sham
You’ve probably encountered them – ‘Chuggers’. Short for charity muggers, who bail you up for a donation, to buy a badge or book of vouchers. Have you ever wondered where that money you so generously give to charity actually ends up? Well you’re in for a shock, because it turns out not much of it is going where it’s so desperately needed. In this major Sunday Night investigation, Matt Doran reveals how one multi-national company is making a fortune from your donations to some of Australia’s biggest charities. And we hear from the former workers who are blowing the whistle on a company that has made a staggering $100 million from Australian charities in the past two years alone.

Forever Young
Making it to 100 once seemed an impossible goal. And if you got that birthday telegraph from the Queen you knew you’d earned it. But now reaching that magic century is tantalisingly close for all of us. Scientists have developed a miracle pill that will not only help us live longer, but makes those years healthier as well. But, as Denham Hitchcock discovers, it’s not just scientists who think they have the answers.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven

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