Drama boss could make “3 episodes of Game of Thrones” on Foxtel budget

How do Australian budgets compare to those of HBO or Netflix?

Just ask Foxtel’s Head of Drama, Penny Win. This week at Series Mania she explained that her entire budget for Drama is dwarfed by a handful of episodes of Game of Thrones.

Updated: “I cry at work about Netflx’s budget of 16 billion dollars. I went to them and I said ‘That’s 16 thousand million dollars. I’m too embarrassed to even say what our budget is,’” she admitted.

“We all want to make more of that great Drama. I would love to self-fund a lot more than we do, so that I could make things that even I like, more than I do.”

Foxtel’s annual Drama budget has to cover a range of shows such as Wentworth, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Australia Day and Fighting Season.

“Out of my budget I could probably do 3 episodes of Game of Thrones, probably,” Win explained.

Updated: I misheard the figure quoted which was $16B not trillion. That was my error, so apologies (teach me to sit in the back row!). 


  1. Netflix’s revenue is around $US 6b p.a. They are still burning cash to maintain first mover advantage, but only around $US 370m a year, so aren’t spending anywhere near that on content a year. Netflix’s content spend for 2017 is estimated to be $US6b. The $US16b figure must include commitments for future seasons several years out.

    Netflix are intending to put 10,7,9, Presto, Stan and Foxtel out of business with the NBN that we are building for them with $80b of taxpayer funded debt. But we will show them by building the NBN slower than ADSL so nobody will be able to stream TV in the evening peak period!

    • mine works fine – even during “peak periods”.

      go with a crap fibre provider on an unlimited plan – you will get sub par speeds.

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