Eddie McGuire returning to Footy Show

Eddie McGuire is set to return to The Footy Show replacing host Craig Hutchison.

Sam Newman will remain on the show.

The shuffle follows dwindling ratings for the show this year and ongoing concerns about the content.

The news was first hinted by entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

Last night Sam Newman essentially “phoned in” his performance, with rumblings about being held back in his comments.

There are reports McGuire Media will also produce the show.

McGuire’s deal would presumably have involved approval from Foxtel where he has an exclusive deal for Sport, and Entertainment with Nine.


The Footy Show will take a 2 week break before returning on August 10.

Eddie McGuire said, “The AFL Footy Show and Thursday nights on Nine has been such a big part of my life. I’m so pleased and excited to be given this opportunity to return to the main game, prime-time television, and to reach everyone who loves footy as much as I do. I have had many roles over the years but my time on The Footy Show has always been the most significant for me.

“This show is such a vital part of the passion that AFL fans enjoy. As sport and television continue to change I intend to be a part of the next wave. Now in its 24th year, I look forward to how the program will evolve and be ready for the next 20 years.”

Nine CEO Hugh Marks said: “The AFL Footy Show is such an important part of our network. I couldn’t wish for a better partner to work with as we evolve the show for the fans in the modern era of football.”

Rebecca Maddern, said; “I look forward to working alongside Eddie McGuire who was such a huge part of The Footy Show in its early years and remains such a prominent figure in the world of AFL. He’s a consummate host and it will be a great experience to work together on such an incredible show.”

Craig Hutchison said, “It’s been a great honour and privilege to host one of Australia’s iconic TV shows. As a businessman, I fully understand and support the opportunity to bring back Eddie. He’s the original host and the best host on Australian television.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the producers and the people I work with, and I’ll be enthusiastically supporting The Footy Show and all involved in future.”

Craig Hutchison remains as host of Footy Classified.


  1. They have the chance to bring this show into the 21st Century .. But no, let’s bring back Eddie & keep Sam! I haven’t watched an entire show for years, but tune in for a bit now & then. I won’t from now on! I’m a Collingwood Supporter (who thinks a club is more than just personalities) & I’m so sick of Eddie Everywhere!

  2. Could have been a perfect op to axe the dated show. Channel nine wants to go back 24 years. Plus having a break for two weeks when the season is at the pointy end is not a good idea esp when the front bar is leading the ratings on thurs night. It won’t be a hot seat eddy. Times have changed.

  3. This is great news. Will definitely be tuning in again. Whilst I originally missed it when Eddie left the first time Garry Lyons and James Brayshow did quite well together, with Sam off to the side.

    Recently though it has been the pits. I just haven’t bothered tuning in with seemingly the loss of Street Talk and Craig Hutchison hosting.

  4. Could have been the perfect opportunity to finally axe the show and put the money towards new local content. There are enough shows where people discuss football on TV (for some reason)

  5. I think the footy show will probably get a ratings bump for nostalgia reasons but if the footy show doesn’t make some major changes I doubt it will sustain an audience cause nostalgia can only get you so far.

  6. I am surprised that the AFL Footy Show, which has traditionally been much more slick and polished than the NRL Footy Show, may be first to crumble and die.

    • The NRL Footy show is and always has been miles in front of the AFL show. I dont even follow NRL (the game, I’m in SA) but I’ve watched that show since it started and it’s so much better. The AFL show has stolen a lot of its segments and ideas from the NRL show.

  7. How dopey are the producers of this show. Eddie moved on last time because he was divisive to say the least and many had stopped watching. As with the appointment of Hutchy, I won’t be going back to the footy show with this appointment either. I’d rather watch Trump host the show than Eddie and I can’t stand Trump!

  8. Feel for hutchy. But ed will go back to doing what he did best in breaking the stories.

    I will still watch the front bar. Interesting though mick and ed work on radio together. Now they go head to head on there footy shows.

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