Foxtel Now teething problems continue for Game of Thrones

Some viewers attempting to watch Game of Thrones in its second episode for Season 7 encountered problems again yesterday.

But it wasn’t as widespread as last week’s meltdown.

Foxtel says the 11am playout went “without a hitch” but concedes there were temporary audio problems for some who tried to view it through its On Demand service.

Yesterday afternoon a Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight, “After the live stream we transitioned the SD episode into our On Demand library, after which we had some reports of it playing out without sound for PC and Mac users watching on a Chrome browser. We quickly reset the episode and it’s playing out as expected. The On Demand episode was only held up for about an hour between 1-2pm and the HD version did not experience any issues.”

But last night some were still experiencing problems and took to social media demanding answers:

– hey Foxtel any suggestions on why I still can’t get either run until it’s on demand? Tried at 11am and it didn’t work but said it would be on at 6:30pm, and now it’s saying after midnight tonight! Am I doing something wrong or is there a hidden trick with foxtel now?

– After tonight’s failed attempt I will be cancelling my subscription with foxtel. Two weeks in a row your infrastructure doesn’t work. If you can’t meet demand how about you give it to another tv channel to do your job. ?

– Why oh why can I not watch my recorded version of GOT? last week and now this week! it says my subscription is not valid to,watch this, yet Showcase is in my subscription and my daughter watch it live earlier today on the same channel – BROKEN FOXTEL!!!

– I still can’t watch because your service isn’t working for the second week in a row. When will this be fixed?

– FFS!! 4 minutes left to go and it stops loading ?

– Foxtel never works!!!!! So wouldn’t have a clue what happened!!!???

– People can’t see it AND spoilers? You guys aiming to be the most hated company?

– Foxtel, I am so trying to do the right thing but your non-iPad interface truely sucks.

– so many unhappy customers (including us)!

– 2 weeks in a row n cant watch it live or later monday well have to wait till on demand again what a rip off foxtel is

– Second week in a row I can’t access the show, WTF are you peanuts doing !

– So….much….buffering….can’t….watch….?

But not everybody was complaining.

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