Nine News claims weeks won in Sydney, Melbourne.

Nine News is claiming the year as won in Sydney and Melbourne, now that 21 of 40 weeks have been run.

In Sydney it has won for the seventh consecutive year, winning all 21 weeks:

Nine News: 280,000
Seven News: 247,000

Nine News: 279,000
Seven News: 244,000

Peter Overton said: “All of us at Nine News feel very fortunate that we have such a strong relationship with our viewers and have now done so for many years as the leading news service in this great city. Every day we work very hard and with a tonne of passion to bring you our news bulletin. It’s an honour to be a part of this wonderful newsroom.”

Georgie Gardner said: “We’re humbled and honoured that Sydney viewers continue to choose Nine News as their most trusted source of news and information. We don’t take shortcuts and we don’t compromise on the truth. And we remain dedicated to getting the full story, covering every angle and showing the whole picture every night of the week. That’s what sets our team apart”.

In Melbourne it has won for the sixth consecutive year, winning all 21 weeks:

Nine News: 341,000
Seven News: 286,000

Nine News: 331,000
Seven News: 289,000

Peter Hitchener said: “We thank our viewers for their support. We’re enormously grateful that they continue to tune in, night after night. We don’t take their loyalty for granted. If anything, this only spurs us on to continue to produce the best possible news bulletin we can.”

Hugh Nailon, Director of Nine News Melbourne, said: “This is a very satisfying result for our entire News team, who work tirelessly to deliver Melbourne’s best news service. This year we’ve also introduced a local 4pm bulletin, established regional news across the state, and successfully relaunched, so more Victorians than ever can get their news from Nine News.”

Seven News has won the year in Adelaide and Perth -for the umpteenth year in a row.

Update: A Seven spokesperson said, “Nine should yet again  check the real scoreboard, as Seven leads across Australia in news, Sunrise leads across Australia in breakfast television and Seven leads in primetime in 2017.” 

Source: OzTAM, Mon – Fri, Weeks 7 – 29, excluding Easter, (incl. Consolidated 28).


  1. Why is it that Melbourne seems to have significantly higher viewership than Sydney despite having a smaller population? Is Television just more popular?

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Years ago….I watch ‘Brian tells me so’/9 and Wilkies weather….then went to 7 news….for many years….
    then to ABC and then ABC News channel when it started….it is on 2nd screen, a lot….
    I have always watched TEN News…on and off…more on than off…I was with Sandra when 9/11 happened….and Tim’s weather is a must…
    In the past few months, I have again started watching Nine News and I am enjoying it…especially its local content……

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