NT Chief Minister unhappy with Nine News switch

It’s not often networks find themselves on the receiving end of remarks from politicians in the Top End….

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner is calling on “the head of the Nine Network” (that would be Hugh Marks, Minister) to reverse a decision to produce its Darwin bulletin from Brisbane.

Nine has confirmed a small number of job losses with a decision to switch the locally-produced bulletin into its new regional model. That means the news is produced and read elsewhere, but retaining local reporters and location crews.

“I call on the head of the Nine Network to seriously consider the ramifications of reducing its local content,” Gunner told the NT News.

“As a capital city that is the gateway to Asia, it is critical we have a local television bulletin coming out of Darwin.”

Gunner maintained a local news presence was very important to the Territory community.

“We don’t want to see a loss with people telling the Territory’s story.”

Yesterday a Nine spokesperson said “The people of Darwin will continue to get the best local news service from Nine, with reporters on the ground in Darwin covering all the breaking local news, sport and weather, mixed with the important national and international stories from the Nine team of reporters around the country and the world.”

The loss of a locally-produced bulletin comes despite the government dropping the $127m licence fee for 2016 / 2017.


  1. “As a capital city that is the gateway to Asia, it is critical we have a local television bulletin coming out of Darwin.” – um, what about ABC News?

  2. Still not clear what is been offered.

    The weekend 6pm live one hour local news from and for darwin is being axed and they ill play the Brisbane news.

    But weekdays – will it be a stay alone pre-taped one hour for Darwin (From Brisbane) or will it be some sort of the new regional QLD bulletin with customized Darwin opens and news, sport and whether windows?

    • I’ve filed a few stories on Nine’s new regional bulletins. These are produced from centres such as Melb, Syd, Bris. Presenters front a bulletin that includes national, international and 7 minutes of news from regional reporters and crews. This interview will assist. Viewers won’t be getting a Qld or Brissy bulletin, at least not in editorial.

      • Yes 100% clear on how the new 9 Regional News is done. So has it be confirmed that the new service will be a one hour dedicated news for Darwin with local, national and international news (same as it is now) just not produced in Darwin – but now elsewhere?

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