Sam Newman sulks through Footy Show

“Cheer up Sam!” an audience member at the Footy Show shouted out as the normally outspoken Sam Newman took a low key approach to the show, last night.

Newman’s arrival to the host set came without his usual gags and robust comment.

“Cat got your tonguet tonight?” asked host Craig Hutchison, to which Newman shook his head and said “Get on with it.”

But he appeared to have been given instructions not to comment on the week’s AFL news.

“If you think I’m giving an opinion about the AFL…,” he offered, “… in case I say something controversial…”

But it was an approach he maintained across the show, declining to offer an opinion on Collingwood news.

Later he said, “You could be taken aside and spoken to if you step across some imaginary line in the sand. So I don’t think I’d like to make a comment on any of that.”

To a Western Bulldogs question he said, “I really don’t give a stuff.”

He put his grievances aside to help welcome a child who idolised him to the stage, but it was short-lived, failing to front either Street Talk or Sam’s Mailbag.

There was even applause when Dave Hughes suggested, “If (Liam Jones) can turn his career around like this, I reckon Sam can cheer up for the last 15 minutes of the show.”


    • Because presenters too bored to participate should be called on it. Because if he quits you want to get the story from the start. Because it shows some disharmony amongst production. Because there are already rumours Eddie may return.

      • Clive Robinson presented the late news like he wanted to be anywhere else for years and barely rated a mention. Old media is clinging onto Newman like a lifeboat on the Titanic. Even him doing nothing rates a headline. This maybe FTA television’s last gasp.

        • Loved Clive but I disagree. He was very passionate about doing his act, wanting everything from correct grammar to better news stories. Humour crinkled throughout it. That’s not what we got last night. There are already news stories of network rumblings.

  1. I saw the segment with Luca and Sam and thought that was fantastic. Can’t blame Sam for not wanting to play ball after not being allowed to speak his mind.

  2. Note I don’t watch the show, however:

    Without Sam Newman it would be a different show, however not like it was with him sulking through it as his replacement would have had things to say, so keeping quiet proves nothing if that was his point. Knowing Nine though they’d probably replace him with someone like Kane Cornes, so as to try and stir up ratings with someone else controversial, or lure Mick Molloy over from The Front Bar, why not another Before The Game Person.

    Regardless I’ll stick with the Marngrook Footy Show where it’s about the game and not all about the personalities talking about it.

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