Sunday Night: July 16

Sunday Night comes forward for Seven this Sunday after a decision to delay Little Big Shots.

Matt Doran reports on a major investigation into the 2009 death of Bob Chappell on a yacht in Sandy Bay, and evidence that could see his convicted killer walk free.

It’s one of Australia’s most baffling crimes and controversial court decisions – a woman jailed for the murder of her partner despite there being no body, no murder weapon and no witnesses.

Grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser is either a cold-blooded killer who bashed her partner to death and dumped his body off their yacht, or she is the innocent victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice.

Bob Chappell vanished from their yacht, ‘Four Winds’, anchored in Hobart’s Sandy Bay on Australia Day in 2009.

Blood splatters were found inside the cabin, but to this day Bob’s body has never been found.

Neill-Fraser, who has always maintained her innocence, was sentenced to 23-years’ jail for the crime.

Eight years on, her family and staunch band of supporters maintain she’s not a murderer.

Now, explosive new evidence has come to light that could see this convicted killer walk free; proof there was someone else on that boat.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.


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